The 4 CSAR learner states can be used very flexibly to design all manner of training workshops. In saying this, the CSAR model is conceived via the 4 learner states, or quadrants, being used in a certain linear order. This order - we call it CSAR Classic - is based on how most of like to learn new things, at least in a general sense. Here's how it works:

1: (BIG PICTURE/THEORY)"Get me curious. Give me a general need to learn something new"

2: (DETAIL/THEORY)"Now I'm curious, teach/show me something new"

3: (DETAIL/REALITY)"Now that I've been taught/shown, let me have a go!"

4: (BIG PICTURE/REALITY)"So what have I just learned, and where does this new skill/knowledge fit in my larger world of work?"

Turn the above into a model and you get the CSAR Quadrants in their classic form.