So, how can you find out more about working with CSAR?


By day, Derek Rowe is a busy, full-time training consultant and as such, hid CSAR system has been grown between jobs. He can however make you one of those jobs, or assist you in some small way to use the system on your own.

Here's what he can currently do for you:

  • Run a workshop for you and/or your team on becoming CSAR-capable

  • Coach you one-on-one on all your CSAR needs

  • Either way this gets you "The Book", currently only available via workshops. Derek is currently hunting for a publisher, and suffice to say his manuscript has all you need to know to use CSAR to great workshopping advantage

  • Communicate with you on the phone or via email (see details below)

  • Derek has also developed some CSAR profiling tools that assist individual workshop designers and/or trainers to understand more about their current style, preferences etc. The aim of the tool is to assist any training professional to develop greater flexibility and balance in their skill set, as well as developing mastery of all 4 CSAR quadrants

  • Finally, Derek is always available to design and deliver workshops with you or for you - just as long as they are based on CSAR!

Derek Rowe: (61) 0425 797 620

P.S. He doesn't do FaceBook!

P.P.S He does do Linkedin